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Who are we?  
Ajay Rathi is an avid tennis player and sports enthusiast who has lived in Washington, .D.C area for over 14 years. Ajay has played in Reston Team Tennis League in Northern Virginia for the past several years. He is also a very skilled table tennis player. He is a Managing Partner in an IT company (www.arcs-inc.net) based in Washington, DC metro area. He also has some interests in other IT and investment ventures in India. Ajay has successfully organized many community and social events. He is a graduate of The Ohio State University where he received a Ph. D. in Engineering in 1983.
Nuttaree Saekim is from Thailand, and is the the Managing Director of Power 11 Results. She is highly experienced in organizing tours and business seminars. She loves to meet new people and make more connections. Nuttaree received her Bachelor's Degree in Management in Bangkok in 1999.
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